– Workshops

One and two day demonstration workshops are an intensive session of throwing/trimming, throwing and altering, handles, lids, surface techniques and press molding with thrown elements. Dialogue is encouraged throughout the process. A visual history of my work and influences will be presented to support and contextualize the objects that are been made in the workshop.

One and two day participation workshops will focus on specific techniques where examples will be demonstrated followed by hands on participation with individual instruction. The size of these classes will be limited to the facility and number of wheels available.

One and two week workshops are generally thematic with a focus on exploration of unfamiliar territory using demonstrated techniques and form investigation through daily exercises. Sectional throwing, thrown/altered, reconstructed form, composite forms and pressmolded combinations are possible modes of investigation. Individual discussion and group critique offer valuable input to successful outcomes. Participants are expected to come away with exciting possibilities to further develop and resolve at home.

Workshops can be arranged with a minimum of three month notice as well as availability within my schedule. Fees are based on the length of workshop, travel time, venue, and format-demonstration/participation.